Lesson 5: Create the Exhibit

Time Estimated: 2 days



Students will:

  1. Use the posters, journals, people, biographies, and colonial newspaper they have created to assemble and present their exhibit on Jamestown.
  2. Set up their exhibit by organizing, arranging and improving on the components as needed.
  3. Guide visitors through the exhibit by explaining and answering questions.




  • Help Wanted posters (from Lesson 1)
  • Journals from the points of view of colonists and Native Americans (from Lesson 3)
  • Sample people and biographies (from Lesson 3)
  • Colonial newspaper (from Lesson 4)
  • Rubric




  1. Have students work in four groups with each one assigned to set up either: posters, journals, people & biographies, or the colonial newspaper.
  2. For each category students will need to arrange desks or tables for their exhibit items and set these up so that visitors can see and read them.
  3. Each group should then examine the items in their section closely so they can be “experts” – explaining key points and answering visitors’ questions.
  4. Visitors can include students from other classes and grades, as well as any invited adults.
  5. When the exhibit “opens” visitors circulate and students assigned to each area explain important points to know and answer questions.
  6. Closing: At the end of the exhibit or on the following day, students discuss what they have learned about Jamestown and each write their own summary paragraph.