Nat Turnerís Revolt and Its Effects

Lesson 4: Creation of a Newspaper Article/Cartoon

Time Estimated: 1 days



Students will:

  1. Create with a partner either a newspaper article or a cartoon that states the facts of what happened during Turnerís revolt and afterwards, but also clearly portrays a specific perspective from a person of the time.
  2. Incorporate primary source material given earlier in the week into their articles / cartoons.







  1. Review various perspectives on Turnerís revolt.
  2. Explain assignment and rubric for creating a newspaper article / cartoon that explains the events of Turnerís rebellion and the aftermath and clearly portrays a specific perspective. (Students can use primary sources read throughout the week as examples and can incorporate specific quotes).
  3. Assign students a partner to work with.
  4. Students work with a partner to write a newspaper article / draw a cartoon.
  5. Homework: Finish whatever work not completed in class.




If students are having difficulty writing a newspaper article, I will aid them by giving them the specific perspective that I want their writing to reflect. I will also point them to specific primary sources that would reflect that point of view. Another option would be that their article could be written by the same person who they portrayed at the meeting of the Virginia legislature. Those students who are more visually oriented could draw a cartoon instead of writing an article.