The Rise and Fall of Reconstruction in Virginia

Culminating Assessment

  1. Students will complete a timeline of major events as a long-term homework assignment to be completed throughout the duration of the unit. Each student is required to design a timeline consisting of a colored illustration and paragraph summarizing each lesson. Each paragraph will include an introductory sentence, three to five detailed sentences explaining the important events, and a concluding sentence. Each timeline should include at least one picture and a sentence or two summarizing each lesson (Timeline Instructions and Rubric).
  2. Alternative/additional assessment: Pretend you are visiting a relative in Virginia during the period of Reconstruction. Write and illustrate at least three post cards to someone at home. Include portraits, scenes of people involved in daily activities, old bombed out buildings, newly constructed buildings and factories, working plantations and farms. In the written portion of the postcard, describe the picture using vocabulary from the unit (Postcard Rubric).
  3. Students will complete a paper and pencil assessment (Test and rubric) including multiple choice items and essay questions.