Role of Virginians in the Founding of the New Nation


Books & Media:

Bennett, William J. Our Country’s Founders. New York: Scholastic Inc. 1998.
Adaptation for young people from Our Sacred Honor: Words of Advice from the Founders in Stories, Letters, Poems, and Speeches by William Bennett. Words of advise from the Founders on being a good citizen. Includes brief biographies and a timeline.

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Biographical information on Jefferson including an excerpt from a letter to Dr. Walter Jones describing Washington’s character.

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Interpretive biography spanning Washington’s life including timeline.

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Collection of Jefferson’s writings including the letter to Dr. Walter Jones describing Washington’s character.

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Ch. 8: Douglas L. Wilson, “Thomas Jefferson and the Meanings of Liberty”
Ch. 9: Brian McGinty, “Sunrise at Philadelphia”
Ch. 10: Gordon S. Wood, “The Greatness of George Washington.”
Brief essays, narratives, and biographical portraits on Jefferson, Washington, and the Constitutional Convention.

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Biography suitable for elementary students.

Wilson, Jr., Vincent. The Book of the Founding Fathers. Brookeville, Maryland: American History Research Associates, 1974.
Brief biographies on the Founders. Good resource for students.



Use for posters all Virginia Studies.
Use for timeline and biographical information including Mason’s objections to signing the Constitution. Quotes by and about him are also available.
Comprehensive website includes documents, articles, maps, images, and educational resources pertaining to George Washington.
Direct link to G. W. Kids resource site. Interact site for elementary age students.
Use for timeline and biographical information of Washington during the Colonial Period with links to the Revolutionary Period and the Early Republic.

Use for a direct link to the Oration on the Death of General Washington delivered by Henry Lee to Congress on December 28,1799.
Use for quotes about Mason’s character and role in the creation of the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

Direct link to the Bill of Rights at the National Archives site.

Direct link to the Virginia Declaration of Rights at the National Archives site.
Use for biographical information and quotes by and about James Madison. Find information pertaining his role at the Constitutional Convention.

Use for biographical information on Madison.

Use for Preamble of the U. S. Constitution.

Excerpts from letters written by Madison about the Constitution Convention.
Use for the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.
Use for biographical information on Jefferson. Also found here is information about his interests, quotes, role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and a timeline of his life.
Teaching tips for discussion of Jefferson’s view of religious freedom.
Use for Enhanced Scope and Sequence of Virginia Studies. Documents of American History also available here.

Use for text of Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom and the Constitution of the United States with Amendments.
Use for chapters “Becoming Virginians” and “Becoming Americans”.